PBB Construction

It was decided by the directors of the K&N Group that the economy of Swaziland has taken a serious negative growth projection and will not pick up in the near future. It was decided after a process of investigation and due diligence that Dave Norman will relocate back to South Africa and start up a registered company called PBB Construction(Pty)Ltd in Cape Town.

PBB business structure

PBB is not going to be the lowest price in the market but will be market related as all contracts will be suitably supervised so that materials are purchased on time and the required quality is attained for the installation. As per our slogan “Plan better build better”

PBB’s main focus during these very uncertain times is to take on a maximum of three to four medium size contracts with a supervisor permanently placed on each one and Dave Norman overseeing the daily running of the company ,making sure that all materials are available and on site when needed as well as making sure that the necessary specialist sub-contractors are available to complete the works according to a strict site programme. Dave will also liase directly with each client to update on progress regularly and mitigate any problems or implement any required site changes as requested by the client.

Who is Dave Norman

Dave Norman started work in 1989 after doing military service for two years and started working for Grinaker Construction in Durban. Over the years he has worked on numerous projects being from R100 000.00 to R 500 million in value.

These projects have been very diverse in nature and have given him the overall exposure to do both heavy civil engineering to township infrastructure and from multi storey buildings to single storey residential homes.

Dave Norman is committed to making PBB Construction a success in Cape Town and has been the managing director of both K&N Construction and Waterfall estate and has relocated his family to the mother city as well so that all the focus is in making it a memorable and profitable company that can be passed on to his children in the future. He has stepped down as managing director of both K&N Construction and Waterfall Estate to allow his full attention on PBB Construction.